free stuff!

I’m definitely tardy to the party on this one, but perhaps my dillydallying is someone else’s gain?

If you read knit blogs, you’ve probably already heard about Pearl and the Beard, their album, and their amazing three-person sweater.  It’s fun and stripey and knit in affordable yarn, so pretty much the perfect project, right?  Especially if you have a lot of arms or very close associates.

Somehow, though, I do not think my cat would be amused if I tried to get her involved.

The album sounds like it might be just about as much fun (if not so stripey): harmonies, clever lyrics, guitars, strings and percussion, maybe a little bit blue grass (there is a mandolin involved somewhere, anyway).  Something about it reminds me of really good dinners filled with friends and cheap red wine.  So the best parts of being a grown up.

Here’s a sneak sample of “Reverend”: Reverend.mp3

Do you want to win a copy?  Perfect — I’ve got one to give away!  In celebration of another tri(couleur), leave a comment on this post up until midnight on Bastille Day, July 14.



2 thoughts on “free stuff!

  1. I do love that sweater and all of it’s conjoined stripes.

    I don’t think my cat would be that amused about being in that sweater either. More like drop dead.

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