plugging, knitting away

almost. there.

Well, what do we have here?  That’s right: I’ve finally made it to the border of my latest stripe study.  Phew.  Unlike different lines, I had just enough yarn to get through the recommended number of stripes — I guess knitting lace-weight yarn on size US8/5.0mm vs. US9/5.5mm really doesn make a difference — though it does seem like I have tons of frank ochre left for a nice, wide border.  Sure, the knitting is a bit tedious, but I’m okay with that.  And I can’t wait to have a new super-light, super-soft shawl for fall.

Besides, it gives me time to think about all of the baby knits I need to get on the needles: there’s (at last count) one fall baby and one winter baby that will need something woolly.  That’s one thing I didn’t consider when I took up knitting, but geez, I got close to 30 (or now above) … and boom! baby town for all of my friends.  It’s great and I’m happy because they’re so happy, but … man, I’m just glad I have a reasonably large and varied stash.  Right now, I’m thinking some kind of vest-y easy-on, easy-off situtation: Pebble, maybe (which I think I first saw on the Rooster‘s blog in some very lovely handspun.) or else I’ll just stick with my standby: the EZ February baby sweater.  It’s a no-fail, always cute, and pretty straightforward.

(Apologies for the crap picture and weird light.  This was the best of a bad lot.)

Alice enjoying the sunshine.

In other news, here’s where Alice has been spending all of her time.  Ah, sunshine — a kitty’s best friend.


5 thoughts on “plugging, knitting away

  1. Love those yellows. And I totally recommend Pebble — it is an instant gratification knit, and it seems like it has been a pretty practical addition to the wardrobes of at least two babies I know…

  2. Yay for yellow – looks like a glass of lemonade 🙂 I’m afraid I can’t think of any baby knits; my over- 30- environment is surprisingly still pregnancy and baby-free…

  3. Love the picture of Alice! She always looks so pretty. Also, the yellow in that shawl will be a great pick me up when fall & winter roll around. That pattern looks like a soothing pattern to have on the go.

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