such a big help

Look!  An almost instant FO … complete with cat.  Because it’s not blocking without Alice.

such a big help

So, hey, this is my bed.  And my new awesome GIANT shawl.  I don’t know if you can get a good sense of scale here, but it’s b-i-g.  That’s because it’s a fingering-weight pattern knit on bulky-weight wool.  Boom!  Baktus, chunky style.  (=4 [??] skeins)

I’m in love.  And I can’t wait for fall so that I can wrap myself colorful woolly garter chunkiness.

such a big help

If I can get it back from Alice, of course.


7 thoughts on “done!

  1. alice does seem rather determined to hold onto it. can’t wait to see it in action. and i just asked amazon for a copy of bird by bird. i could use some inspiration over here…

  2. Now I want to knit a baktus too. You’re a horrible temptress.

    Good luck getting that shawl away from Alice. She doesn’t seem to keen on letting it go.

  3. Hi, I’m very new to blogging and have been looking for interesting blogs to follow that reflects my interests. Just stumbled over yours, and love it! Also love the garter throw, you’ve just inspired me to make my own!

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