this is all i’ve got.

this is all i got.

Yep.  This is it.

The new semester started, and, well … you know how that goes.  Even after only two days.  So I’m waiting for my frozen enchiladas to heat up and maybe the house could some sprucing and … maybe I’m not going to think about that.

Also, it’s still hot here.  And please don’t look at that zit.  Concentrate instead on my awesomely sparkly finger nails.

The good news: I’ve got an awesome cardigan on the needles — in need of some serious tinking because I thought I knew better than the pattern (why do I always think I know better than the pattern?!) — using up some stash yarn.

Life is pretty darn good.  I’ll be back soon.


6 thoughts on “this is all i’ve got.

  1. Good luck adjusting to another semester. Also, sparkly nails and a new cardigan on the needles are good stuff.

    Also good, you won that giveaway I was having a few weeks ago. Just need to know where it send stuff.

  2. Levenwick is such a fantastic cardigan! What yarn are you using? I’ve been thinking about the pattern, too, but I’m definitely not on a Shelter budget right now (more like Cascade 220 from my stash).

    Here’s hoping for a great start to a fantastic and productive semester!

  3. Welcome back to school! I can’t believe you’re going to take on a cardigan. My hero. i’d like to finish one (period) … without school. Love the pattern. Will watch for your progress! What yarn are you using?

  4. The semester? It’s back already? And I don’t have anything to do with it anymore… Wow. Cardigan and sparkly nails are really where it’s at.

  5. sparkly nails are very nice. and i love your glasses! hooray for new-semester-knits. and enchiladas…

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