a few odds and ends


Well, hello there.  Perhaps you’ve guessed that are a little on the hectic side around here?  I have been sucked into a strange alternate shadow-Kirk world, where  job applications and research statements and electronic letterhead seem like the only topics of conversation.  It is intensely boring, and yet … so compelling.

In any case, I’ve sent one out and have 3o more to go … I’m really going to need to get a grip.

And in that spirit, I present to you: Levenwick, the button-less wonder!

This is the only somewhat not blurry photo I managed.  But you get the idea.  It really is a lovely cardigan, and now that fall has finally arrived in Nashville, I really need to get some buttons.  And knit that pocket.

The heathered gold shade is so lovely and so easy to wear.  Speaking of which, Hooray! has summered well … it made it’s fall debut earlier this week, looking sturdy and fresh with hardly a pill to be found.  My advisor wanted to talk about its construction before we got down to research statements, which is a nice way to put it all in perspective.

But most exciting of all, it turns out that one of the first-year students is also an avid knitter.  She asked for the pattern and we’ve already made plans to take a trip to the local Haus of Yarn.

Exciting stuff, as you can see from Alice.

I’ve also finished blankets for the two little ones on the way.  More on that soon!



6 thoughts on “a few odds and ends

  1. i hear the first one is the hardest! (and hooray for an advisor who wants to talk sweater construction before getting to all the other stuff.) good luck with all the job market stuff!

  2. Good luck good luck!

    On Thursday, at the end of my mid-rotation meeting, I discovered that my educational supervisor also knits. Or at least, she can knit, and she taught one of her juniors to knit last year as he wanted to learn, but she doesn’t really knit because her tension isn’t sufficiently even and this bothers her. I suggested she try continental knitting, and positively skipped out of the room and floated back to my patients. Hooray hooray for your advisor. And Levenwick too! I wait eagerly to see the buttons.

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