you know what this means …

… I finally, finally, FINALLY finished selbu two.

(apologies for the dark photos)

According to my ravelry page, I started this hat on January 8.  For a friend’s birthday in February.  Hmm … all things considered, 9 months isn’t so very long to wait for hat.  I did, after all, change horses in midstream, starting over with two glorious shades of Rowan felted tweed: Billberry and Ginger.  Yum.  It was a lovely yarn to work with, and so much better suited to stranded knitting than the sock yarn I’d chosen before.


(furry stuff)

Though I’m sheepish to admit it, part of the reason I’d been dragging my feet on finishing this particular hat was the two-color knitting.  I need much more practice– my tension is wonky and I have no idea how my stitches are either loose or tight, but never nicely in between.  And I am no natural-born continental knitter.

Maybe I should start in on one of Kate Davies’ incredible tams?

That will have to wait.  Right now, I’m enjoying a mad rush of finishing … today’s project: knit a heel and toe for a long-lost sock.  I’m feeling in a very sock kind of mood, maybe it’s time to cast on for more?  I also have plans for a job-market cardigan

At least Alice is comfy.


4 thoughts on “you know what this means …

  1. hooray! congrats on the hat finishing. i haven’t been able to work up the courage to start something like that…love this pic of alice. happy weekend/sock knitting.

  2. That is a hilarious photo of Alice! What a cutie.

    Hooray on finishing things up. I love those tams, too.

    I’ve realized that I enjoy colorwork when the gauge is fairly loose. It’s so much more forgiving. I initially tried stranded colorwork with mittens (egads, what misery), and was off of it for almost 4 years.

  3. Funny, colourwork is something I really enjoy. Probably because I’m not good enough to worry about my tension, period. I just zoom through the interesting colors! Hope your finishing goes well, as well as starting good new things.

  4. Congratulations on finally finishing the hat. It’s so much more fun to finish up projects of doom. Can’t wait to see finished photos.

    Have fun with the finishing rush. Those are pretty fun too.

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