a saturday spent knitting …


… and maybe listening to a little Lionel Richie.  (Check out those sweet dance moves.)  I can’t help myself, it’s a dorky, it’s soothing, it reminds me of the time (= most of my childhood) when I wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer.  Perfect antidote to stupid application stress.

I also took some time out to visit the yarn store with a friend and pick up some buttons.  And wonderfully woolly Brown Sheep bulky for a Ganomy hat, knitted by special request in FC Union Berlin colors.  An evening later … finished cardigan! finished hat!  The perfect instant gratification.



Now, back to what I should be doing …


6 thoughts on “a saturday spent knitting …

  1. Nice! I spent my Saturday knitting, too — a much-need bit of R&R. No Lionel Richie here — Ryan Adams on the stereo instead, plus a few issues of True Blood (wow, is that trashy and graphic, but strangely compelling).

    Can’t wait to see final shots of the cardigan! Such a pretty pattern, and I love how the buttons really pop in that color.

  2. you spent saturday doing exactly what you should have been doing. (Not working.) why is it so hard to not feel guilty about putting the work aside? and on a related note, i’m pretty sure that while you were knitting and listening to lionel richie, important things were happening in your brain. so either you were taking a break, or you were allowing the marinating to happen. win-win. good luck with those piles of letter about why you are awesome. (you are.)

  3. best way to spend a Saturday! Love the purple buttons! As for feeling guilty about not spending 7 days a week working I can totally relate. I try to have one free day each week… time for guilt-free knitting!

  4. Instant gratification is wonderful. I could do for some right now when it comes to my knitting (and a bunch of other things). Good luck with all the things that take much longer than a hat.

    Can’t wait to see more of the sweater.

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