merry happy!

From my corner of the world to yours: here’s to relaxing, restoring holidays full of woolly love, handknit warmth, and maybe a festive cocktail or two!


Alice had to stay behind in Nashville, unfortunately, so no Northwest Christmas for her … though I doubt she would have relished the opportunity to meet my parents’ gigantic (but very sweet and flail-y) new dog.

Life in Washington is trucking along … and it’s good to be back.  Catching up on neighborhood gossip and all those “do you remember so-and-so from high school?” stories.  Even though I haven’t really lived here since heading off for college (in 1998! oh, how time flies), it’s still home.  And I suspect it always will be, this damp old mill town.


As always, thanks for reading.  Over the years (5: how could that be?!) this space has become another little home, so important to me and my crafty life in so many delightful, surprising ways.  So onward into 2012!


here are some pictures of my new shawl.

It’s not finished yet, but we’re getting there.

I’m using the recommended Loft (color: blanket fort [what??]) and it is lovely, if rather strangely named.  The flecks of magenta and blue are perfect.

And with two more charts to go, I think I’ve found my winter companion.  (ETA, Leaves of Grass, that is.)