ho hum.

The blue table is back!  It’s a glorious sunny day here in Nashville — which feels a bit odd after a couple of weeks of Washington winter drear — and I decided to take full advantage of the surprise.

What you might not be able to see: this is the almost end of the last chart of Leaves of Grass … so close to the knit-on edging.  So very far from a finished shawl.

I really am in love with this yarn.  It’s woolly and colorful and very tweedy.  Perfect.

I bought some more in another color — thistle, a slightly shocking purple — and am already daydreaming about one more gigantic shawl.  Or maybe a cardigan.  Or pullover.


3 thoughts on “ho hum.

  1. I’ve heard so much good things about Loft and Shelter but ordering some of it to be shipped to Germany would sort of defeat the concept of a locally sourced yarn I think… Looking forward to see that shocking purple!

  2. I got some Loft in the mail last week for the Winnowing shawl pattern that was just released. Can’t wait to cast on! The colors have such depth to them.

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