socks! glorious socks!

Another pair of slouchy socks.  This time in Cascade 220 turquoise pebble (darker) and pacific (lighter).

And a bit of morning sunshine to show them off.

At the moment, these socks are all I really want to knit.  They’re so simple, so fun, so budget-friendly … and so quick.  Pretty much everything it feels like the rest of my life isn’t.  I mean, dissertations take forever.  So a sock in an evening or two?  That feels like accomplishment.

A row here, a row there: voilà! a finished sock.  I find it all very satisfying.

These are destined to be a gift.  And I’m not sure there’s anything cozier than worsted socks.  Even on a Monday …


9 thoughts on “socks! glorious socks!

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. As someone who finished a dissertation after (well let’s not count the years), I can safely say that the knitting socks were lifesavers! Craft on. 🙂

  2. I’m swooning. Boh might be, too. And he doesn’t know anything about wearing socks. These look amazing.

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