et voilà!


New spring break pullover!  It’s stripy and wonderful — and super quick to knit.  Dreamy, eh?  All for only 3.5 skeins of Noro Taiyo in a kinda crazy set of colors.


I was inspired by the Equinox Raglan, but, in the end, the two don’t have much in common.  And I’m okay with that.  This one was knit with aran-weight yarn on US10.5/6.5mm needles — so a loose, almost airy kind of fabric that bloomed up very nicely after a quick soak.

(Okay, it might still be a bit damp …)


3 thoughts on “et voilà!

  1. that is just the kind of happy sweater i needed to see today, as i sit back down to keep commenting on papers. you know, once the coffee is ready. springing forward has me on my heels. hooray for stripes!

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