my weekend


I spent a good part of my weekend around this table in Rhode Island.  Turns out, the smallest state in the union is pretty pleasant — and conferences are pretty exhausting.  Which I knew, but had chosen to forget.  Luckily, the conference hotel was deeply awesome (with some seriously comfy beds AND a giant chair that made me feel a little like Edith Ann) , and there were plenty of friends to catch up with.

Knitting, however, had to take a back seat.


What you see here is a Leaves of Grass shawl waiting patiently for the rest of its knit-on border.  Man.  That’s a lot of stitches.  Also, it is giant: perfect for that chair.


3 thoughts on “my weekend

  1. Hope it went well! Conferences really are exhausting, aren’t they? Glad to hear that there was a comfy bed.

    Can’t wait to see Leaves of Grass in all its bordered splendor!

  2. Conferences are indeed exhausting, totally agree, but the free food and nice hotels (usually) make up for it I find! Leaves of Grass is an impressive project, cannot wait to see your version!

  3. Yay for comfy beds on conferences! I’m fascinated by the fact that accomodation and food are free if you attend the conference – we have to pay for the hotel and find one near to the venue…. Looking forward to your Leaves! Happy knitting!

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