this sweater is actually green.

Trust me.

in progress

I’ve been working on it off and on, here and there, ever since I finished the Noro! pullover.  Just simple evening knitting, no thinking required.  No pattern, just a top-down raglan in some ancient stash yarn with a cable I found in one of my Vogue Stitchionaries.  (Which I look at often, but rarely use.)

Right now, I’m working through the first sleeve.

(Nope.  Not this color either.  Seriously, it really is green.)

in progress

The semester is grinding to halt and I, for one, could not be happier.  It’s been another crazy year: job market, dissertation, interviews, teaching … In fact, yesterday I realized that I started writing my job letter six months after I defended my dissertation prospectus.  Madness.  Which also reminded me why I might not have had time to draft out that article or dedicate a lot of time knitting.

I miss knitting.  I miss the blue table; I miss this space; I miss you guys.  I miss having lots of ideas and colors and dream projects swirling around amidst all the other whirlwind commitments.

So that’s my summer plan: more knitting, more writing, more colors, more sharing!


6 thoughts on “this sweater is actually green.

  1. Nice cable! And I’m sure the green is lovely ;-). I’m totally with you on missing time to do nice things, unfortunately, my semester has just started. Happy knitting! Oh, and love the new blog design!

  2. Congrats on finishing up a busy and productive semester! Interviews, dissertating, and teaching are a lot to juggle all at once — looking forward to seeing more of you on the interwebs this summer!

    The sweater is looking awesome — love the cable. I like the new blog background, too!

  3. blog looks fabulous, as does that cable. and i hear you. i’m not where you are yet, and i’m already just _so_ tired. on so many levels. here’s to making time for daydreaming about yarn. and possibilities.

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