action knits!!

Okay, so it’s actually not that exciting.

Action knit!!

In fact, it’s really just a blanket masquerading as an elaborate lace shawl.  Obviously, I’m in love.

Leaves of Grass has been my constant coffee shop companion: it is perfect for keeping the chill at bay, keeping me toasty to focus on working away … at least in theory.  If there is a hand knit that guarantees productivity — that’s definitely next on my project list.


6 thoughts on “action knits!!

  1. I love it! I’ve been thinking about knitting one of Jared Flood’s giant lace shawls as well lately. Maybe out of bulky yarn though, I need a blanket for my chair.

  2. A handknit that guarantees productivity? Let me know if you find it!

    p.s. Chill? In coffee shops? Is this a “too much A/C” chill? (It’s been in the upper 80s and lower 90s where I am. Heavy wool on my lap is so not on my agenda.)

  3. Beautiful! And very exciting to me. It’s absolutely amazing, and I’m impressed that you’re working on this in the summer heat (though it sounds like they air-condition the heck out of the coffee shops there).

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