good morning, Parthenon!

I believe my love for a certain bonkers structure edifice here in Nashville is rather well documented.  That said, I was up extra early this morning — thanks, Alice! — and, in an uncharacteristic fit of Monday-morning-this-week-will-be-different optimism, decided to set out for a walk.

After all, at a little after 7 in the a.m. it was still bearable outside.  But only just.

Good morning, Parthenon!

So, good morning, Parthenon!

And now, I’m back home enjoying my coffee, feeling quite smugly pleased with myself.

In other news: stitchery!


Treat yo self, um, 2012!  That is for my sister … who — perhaps foolishly? — once casually mentioned that she’d like one of those subversive cross stitch pieces.   (Have I already told you that?  Probably.  Sorry.)  Obviously, I said: “Treat yo self!”  It’s a pattern, available here, just in case you’re also in the mood.

“This is not Love and Hip Hop — you need to get it together, okay?” has become a go-to mantra for a friend and me.  (See: here, around the :50 mark.)  What better way to welcome her back to Nashville?  Also, this is where I learned that I don’t like figuring out letter spacing or charting … so, it’s totally worth buying a pattern to do it for you (when available, of course).  I’ve still got a border to add — which I started late last night — and I’m dubious about placement.  We shall see.  Sigh.


Finally, Alice has been taking it easy.  I love her little snoozing face.

Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “good morning, Parthenon!

  1. Love the cross-stitching.. And the fact that you actually went out when you woke up – baby kicking wakes me but apart from making myself a cup of tea I don’t go further than the sofa – but I have an excuse it is the Olympics after all here in London!

  2. If I lived near a replica of the Parthenon, I would be there all the time.

    Also, you’re making me want to pick up more cross stitch. The Subversive pieces aren’t good for my resistance at all.

  3. Good morning Katie! What a great start to the week. Meanwhile I am struggling to hang my laundry and drink a cup of tea before making my lunch and pushing off to work. It’s already hot here in London and I am working the twilight shift… while all my friends will be meeting in my favourite pub tonight to see some of them off to East Timor. Grump grump. Tomorrow I had better try taking a leaf out of your guide-to-life… xx

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