Monday, Monday.

Monday, again?  Oh, dear.  I am not ready for another week.

So how about a quick recap as I sip my coffee and gird myself for the day?

There has been knitting and stitching …



… and trips to the post office to mail birthday boxes to a certain sister of mine.

I hate going to the post office, but I do love this particular branch with its Wall of Country Stars.  All of whom apparently … frequent the Post Office?  In any case, there are a number of recognizable faces, but the real star of this photo was Ronnie Milsap (smack in the center).  My sister loves some Milsap.


Finally, Alice has been busy with some craft-closet mountaineering (cat-a-neering?).  This is a horrible photo, but I had to act quickly.  Luckily, we avoided a wool avalanche.


And that brings us to Monday.

I think I’ve finally managed to clear up all the ailments that have plagued my summer — knock on wood — and spent the weekend lying low.  Now, it’s back to work.  Here’s to hoping Monday is treating you all well!


4 thoughts on “Monday, Monday.

  1. That color is just perfect for the knitting pattern. I can’t wait to see it completed.

    Alice is stealth kitty! Very cute.

    I like the wall of stars, I’m especially excited about your capturing the photo of Waylon Jennings!

  2. I think camouflage craft cat is an awesome picture. Your Monday feelings express mine perfectly … even on Tuesday. I am hoping for a few rows here and there until I can indulge on a Friday … Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, Mondays… 😦 Alice makes such a cute mountaineer! Capricha used to climb Mount Closet in her younger days, too.

    Love the shawl, and the sassy cross-stitch projects always make me smile. I’m sure your sister will appreciate them.

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