more knitting.

No, really.  I’ve been knitting.  Hard to believe, right?  Somedays, I have trouble believing it myself.


The semester has started in its usual whirlwind.  Why this still surprises me, as I begin my ninth year of graduate school … that is a mystery for the ages.  I have a great belief in “this time it will be better,” meaning “this time, I’ll feel like I have it together.”  It never happens that way, but I always try again.  Persistence is key, I find.

Knitting doesn’t hurt, either.  My knitting basket is filled with half-finished projects that I’ve fallen out of love with.  So it goes.  Last night, desperate for a little instant gratification, I cast on for Budgie, an adorable stripy baby sweater.  I thought I could handle a baby sweater.

And, so far — two sleeves later — I’ve not been wrong.  All to the good, since the baby in question will have his first birthday this fall with or without my gift arriving on time.  Though, it would be nice if I could make that deadline, at the very least.


It’s deadline time around here again.  The job list just came out.  It’s a bit like Hollywood movie: breathless anticipation, crushing disappointment, romance, thrills, chills, twists and turns, a roller coaster of emotions.

Needless to say, I don’t think I’m quite ready to face another round of applications.  It’s such a weird space, that I’ve decided is not unlike falling in love: if it happens, it happens and there’s just not a whole lot you can actually do about it.  I mean, applying is like going on a date, you try to put your best foot forward (cover letter, curriculum vitae, etc.) and hope something clicks.  Unfortunately, it’s also every bit as awful as actual dating.  The serenity prayer is really my only hope.

Well, that and knitting.  As you can see, the Walnuss is coming together quite nicely.  I separated the sleeves and joined the body, and even tried it on.  It fits!  Which is very good news, indeed, since it was looking pretty small on the needles.  But cardigans always do, I find.

I’m thinking this has “interview cardigan” potential.


Finally, the best part about having a friend in Switzerland?  Chocolate!  That comes in the mail!  That’s right: Schoggi-Mail let’s you send Swiss chocolate like a postcard.  Genius.  Delicious genius.



5 thoughts on “more knitting.

  1. i like the site re-design! when did that happen? i also like everything here — the knitting, the chocolate, even the way you’re managing to think about the job market. i think walnuss will be a fabulous interview sweater! (and boh thinks so too.)

  2. Baby sweater and interview sweaters are awesome things. Also, postcard chocolate. I could really go for some myself.

    Anyway, good luck with the grad school and the job market and the knitting.

  3. Hooray for knitting! Walnuss is gorgeous, and I think it could be a very lucky interview sweater. Wishing you all the best with the job market this year. It always seems like such a crapshoot (at least in my field) — your description seems very apt.

    1. Thanks, Jodi! I hope it’s a lucky interview sweater, too. And it really is whipping right along … much more quickly than I’d imagined with a fingering-weight sweater, which I really do think is due to my slightly loose gauge.

      As for the job market, I’m trying to make my peace with the whole process.

      Hope your quarter is off to a good start!

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