Eugene is a helper.

Oh, my, what a helper.


I’d forgotten just how busy kittens are.  Always into something.  And my knitting whenever possible.

So that’s one explanation for why progress seems largely stalled around here.

But, as you can see, I have made (the occasional) valiant effort to continue.  And the good news?  Only one sleeve left to go on Walnuss!  Actually, only a few more rows and an i-cord bind off … then some neck edging, of course … stand between me and a finished cardigan!  I’ve tried it on, added some length (oh, gauge), and am contemplating my button options.  I’m thinking red.  But we’ll have to see.

I really do think it will be a fantastic interview cardigan.  And the very, very good news?  I got an interview!!  For a tenure-track job, even.  It’s thrilling and nerve-wracking and mostly just exciting right now.  And I’ll have an awesome cardigan to wear (well, it’s a Skype interview, but still …)!

And that’s it for news around here.  The semester is winding down and I’m really looking forward to some dedicated writing time, catch-up time, knitting time.

As part of my job at the Center for Teaching, I’m doing quite a bit of blogging (about online learning) and somehow … that’s kind of killed my blogging mojo over here.  I think the “official” posts have interfered a bit, since I don’t want too much cross over of “knitting” voice and “professional” voice.  A problem I hadn’t quite anticipated.  So I’m feeling a little stiff over here, and a little too casual over there.

Also, those darn cats steal my spot on the couch every time.

Happy Thursday everyone!

6 thoughts on “Eugene is a helper.

  1. Alice’s face just kills me. But look at the cuteness! I love seeing them together. Good luck with your end of the semester madness! I just submitted my grades a few minutes ago.

  2. Such an adorable little helper! Shame about the couch stealing tendencies though.

    Good luck keeping a distinct “voice” on two different platforms. I had the hardest time pulling myself out of research paper mode after I graduated.

  3. What wonderful news, and best of luck with the interview! TT, no less… I’m very impressed.
    Eugene’s absolutely adorable. I’m pleased to see that they can coexist peacefully on the couhc, even if that means that there is no room at the inn for you.

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