As of March 20, 2013 … it’s official!  I can’t quite believe it, that’s is all over.  That my project is done: defended, signed, submitted, and copyrighted.

It’s an amazing feeling.  And more than a little, well, disorienting.  What do I do with myself now?

7 thoughts on “finally!

  1. Congratulations!

    I suggest reading something that has nothing to do with your thesis topic. Or casting on a celebratory sweater.

  2. Hi Dr. Katie – just “met” you through Barefoot Rooster – thought I would extend a congratulations – I finished my journey to Doc almost 1 year ago – PsyD (Clinical Psychology) – it’s been odd being called Doctor – sometimes I look around to see who is being addressed when a colleague/student/support staff is speaking to me – who me? – My hubby likes making reservations in my name as Doctor – I’m afraid he’s going to get me in trouble sometime when a flight attendant or waiter assumes I’m the doctor in the house – my advice to you, a new Doctor, is to take a breath – I know it was a long arduous journey & am sure you could use a break – knit & sleep in & read trashy novels or watch netflix series & take walks & bike rides & bake yummy things & just sit – be good to yourself & never forget what you have accomplished & what it means – step up into your new title – when I’m addressed as Doctor it reminds me of who I am as such, what I have learned, what I have accomplished, and mostly, what others expect of me as a doctor – to be professional, gracious, wise, &, the doctor in the house…Catherine

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