Summer is here!

… which means, I’m back! Back from a crazy year that took all of my energy and brainpower and time. But, a good year nonetheless. And now that summer is here, I finally have some time to myself.


Well, time to myself including Alice and Eugene obviously. Look at how big he is!

I’ve done a bit of knitting here and there, including a lovely bulky sweater from Book of Gray: the Comfort Cardigan is, indeed, highly comfy. And perfect for the cool Mid-Michigan springtime. Perhaps I’ll even manage a photo someday?

In the meantime, I’m dreaming about some Icelandic knits … especially this beauty, which caught my eye sometime last year: the flowerpot sweater.

Which is to say, I’ll try to keep this space a bit more up to date as I slowly catch up on comments and blogs and projects. I’ve missed you all!

Well, hello there.

So … it’s been a while.  I live in Michigan now; I have new glasses and a job — not tenure-track, but a real-life paying job in my field.  Students call me Professor Katie.  It’s pretty awesome.  I won’t lie.

It’s also straight-up exhausting.  Teaching 3 courses and coordinating TAs is no joke.  No joke at all.

I haven’t knit in months.


How the heck are y’all doing?



As of March 20, 2013 … it’s official!  I can’t quite believe it, that’s is all over.  That my project is done: defended, signed, submitted, and copyrighted.

It’s an amazing feeling.  And more than a little, well, disorienting.  What do I do with myself now?

In action!

So … life lately has been a bit if a whirlwind. A good whirl, but it’s been hard to keep up.

Good thing Eugene has been around to help.


But the good news? Nashville has been having a bout with winter weather, which means one thing: handknits!

Hooray, indeed!

It must have been another month?

Certainly, if I’m back here again … good grief, the semester has been busy.  Life has been busy.  But I do have some knitting to share!

And lots of Walnuss-in-action shots! You ready?


This is how I wore it in Boston for a cocktail reception / intimidating event where I knew no one / awkward academic get-together.  It actually feels professional and I love the color: neutral but not boring.  And just variegated enough.

Also, it matches my fancy birthday dress very well.

And, even though it’s wool and all, the cardigan is much warmer than I expected.  Even the fingering-weight stuff keeps you nice and toasty, it turns out.  Without being super bulky.  Not so great for Nashville …

Photo on 1-24-13 at 11.07 AM


But.  We’re having a bit of a cold snap here, and so here it is: out this morning for a meeting on campus.  With my favorite scarf in the world, chunky baktus.

The shoulder pleats are really cute without being cutesy, if that makes sense.  And the yellow buttons are my favorite part.

Photo on 1-24-13 at 11.06 AM

See?  Variegated!  And kind of purple.  But also kind of charcoal.  It doesn’t quite know what color it is and I’m okay with that.  Because it looks pretty.

All in all, Walnuss was totally worth the time and effort.  I love it … and might have started another already.



… and you know what that means.  Finished cardigan!



By now, I’ve even managed to block it and sew on the buttons (bright yellow!).  And after months and months of knitting, slow and steady like, it’s finally ready to wear.

I did, of course, make a few mods along the way … longer sleeves (cozy!), larger-sized arms, longer body (next time: move the side pleats, too), more buttons.  (I think?)  Gauge was the main issue, as I wasn’t particularly careful about getting it spot-on correct.  Turns out, in this pattern row gauge is important.  (See, pleats above.)

But.  Despite these few bumps in the road, the cardigan is super.  I love the lighter-weight yarn, the color is perfect (understated yet a bit unusual, somewhere between purple and grey), the fit and style are just what I was looking for.  The little details–i-cord, pleats, ribbed button bands–really add up to a handsome looking cardi.  In fact, it might be one of my favorite knits yet.  Very wearable, very comfy.

Now here’s hoping the Malabrigo holds up.

And the cardigans first trip out?



For some biscuits and hashbrown casserole at the Loveless Cafe, of course.  Delicious.  The perfect end to a busy semester.


Another year almost over.  It’s been a hectic one.  Thanks for sticking around.  Here’s to 2013!


Eugene is a helper.

Oh, my, what a helper.


I’d forgotten just how busy kittens are.  Always into something.  And my knitting whenever possible.

So that’s one explanation for why progress seems largely stalled around here.

But, as you can see, I have made (the occasional) valiant effort to continue.  And the good news?  Only one sleeve left to go on Walnuss!  Actually, only a few more rows and an i-cord bind off … then some neck edging, of course … stand between me and a finished cardigan!  I’ve tried it on, added some length (oh, gauge), and am contemplating my button options.  I’m thinking red.  But we’ll have to see.

I really do think it will be a fantastic interview cardigan.  And the very, very good news?  I got an interview!!  For a tenure-track job, even.  It’s thrilling and nerve-wracking and mostly just exciting right now.  And I’ll have an awesome cardigan to wear (well, it’s a Skype interview, but still …)!

And that’s it for news around here.  The semester is winding down and I’m really looking forward to some dedicated writing time, catch-up time, knitting time.

As part of my job at the Center for Teaching, I’m doing quite a bit of blogging (about online learning) and somehow … that’s kind of killed my blogging mojo over here.  I think the “official” posts have interfered a bit, since I don’t want too much cross over of “knitting” voice and “professional” voice.  A problem I hadn’t quite anticipated.  So I’m feeling a little stiff over here, and a little too casual over there.

Also, those darn cats steal my spot on the couch every time.

Happy Thursday everyone!

every day is Caturday!


Alice has something important to tell you all:


There’s a kitten in the house now.  This teeny guy (only 1.2 lbs.!) was in the hedge by my apartment building, mewing for all he was worth.  I got him out and …  now, after an early-morning trip to the vet and plenty of kitten food, he’s snoozing in my bathroom.  Since I only have two rooms with doors, we really didn’t have a lot of options.

He and Alice are going to get to know each other slowly.  We’ll see how it goes.


His name is Eugene.  He is adorable.  But, oh my, I haven’t had a kitten in a long time.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when he’s not so worn out …


Alice is afraid her days of whiling away the afternoon on her favorite living-room pillow are over.