is it weird …

… that I can’t get gauge in worsted weight yarn with size US 10.5 needles?

Oh, lovely Cactus Blossom, you shall be the end of me.

I know grad school makes me tense, but this seems a bit ridiculous. 


FO: Sockapalooza 4

That’s right.  I finally sent off the very big socks, which after a trip to the laundromat, are decidedly more reasonably sized:


The Malabrigo felted nicely: a tight, dense fabric, but still soft and hopefully durable.   The fabric was a bit flatter, somehow, than I had hoped; perhaps with wear they will soften up and bloom a bit.  Without the mohair content of the Lamb’s Pride (the recommended yarn for Fuzzyfeet) the lovely soft halo is missing, although the kettle dyeing resulted in some subtle striping.  The color grew on me — it’s quite a nice mellow orange-pink-red shot through with some brownish tints.  I really hope my Pal likes them! 

It was quite stressful trying to decide on a yarn and a pattern — earlier posts have been dedicated to my indecision.  I started some Jaywalkers but there was no way they would have been finished anytime approaching … say, before winter.  And I was worried about sizing, having never knit a real sock before.  I didn’t want my Pal to be the guinea pig of my ill-sized and wonkily-knitted first socks.  I hope Fuzzyfeet turn out to be okay.

In a frenzy of finishitis, I also made the mate to my Dashing Malabrigo mitts:


I think they live up to their name; I especially like the way the colors spiral up the body of the gloves.  And thanks to wacky Vermont summer weather, it was even cool enough yesterday evening that I had the chance to try them out.  Very snuggly. 

very big sock

Am I a child for my inability to look at a sock this large and not sing (in a giant’s voice): "giant sock / giant sock / look at the size of that sock"?  Signs point to yes. 

another Fuzzyfoot in super-soft Malabrigo, color: mineral red (*not* pinkter sphincter: I do not support dirty-mindedness)

And have you seen Shobhana’s new pattern?  Mmmm … I see a jolie laide confection of cashmere in my very near future.  Sometimes the pattern you’re looking for just presents itself.  Magic.

But first, another giant sock. 


Here’s my contribution to the Clapotis fan club and world domination fraktion:


the you know in Noro Cashmere Island #5

It’s drapey and lovely and I think it’s smashing.  The yarn is quite soft (mmm … cashmere) and the colors really grew on me.  At first, I was a bit overwhelmed and was afraid the finished piece would look farcical.  But after a while the colors kind of made sense.  Even the sections I was least fond of (brick red, mossy green) seemed to be just right in the end.

One more:


Despite my recent stint as a very bad blogger indeed, I wanted to post a big thank you! to my Sockpal for what I believe to be some lovely Sockapalooza 4 socks.  Unfortunately, because of my complicated summer living situation (no apartment, temporary room, Germany, Vermont, etc.) they arrived at my parents’ house — which is on the other side of the country — yesterday.  At least, I think they did.  The pal is still a mystery, as are the socks, but my mother is forwarding the package and I’m very excited to see what it contains when I get back to my regular summer abode.  And I didn’t want to delay the thank you to the mystery knitter. 

I’m working on lots of different things … including my Sockapalooza socks.  Such a bad Sockpal.  I didn’t realize how stressful it could be making socks for someone else.  I want them to be really great … even more so now that they’re late. 

No pictures.  Silly dial-up.

i’m still here.

I really *am* still here. I just got back from an internet-less trip to Germany (lovely) and am now enjoying the pleasures of Vermont in the summer — but with dial-up only.

I’ll post some pictures soon-ish.

Surprisingly little knitting has been accomplished.

Oh well.

just some pictures.

In an attempt to get myself together for moving (ugh), I decided to photograph my books.  A much quicker alternative to creating an actual bibliography, but a handy reference none the less.  This bibliophilia obviously influenced my knitting poses.

An appendage-less Kate in the Mets’ colors.

An unfinished Kate just jumped right up to join my early German mystics and Mr. Garden Gnome.  Quite a feat with no appendages. 



My lonely Dashing wrist warmer decided to relax with some Bourdeiu, Beauvoir, and Bachmann.


Noro Kureyon no. 185

My Lizard Ridge square, always thrifty, chose a backdrop of every grad student’s best friend: Reclam editions.  Small, cheap but hard to lose in an eye-catching yellow.

Only the Clapotis balked at the suggestion of dusty old tomes.


Noro Cashmere Island no. 5

I promise a real post sometime soon.

p.s. I ❤ knitty.


I have been trying to keep to the knit from your stash ethos.  It hasn’t been going too badly, really; i.e., I haven’t bought nearly as much yarn as I might have.  But recently, I’ve fallen, well, if not off the wagon altogether, then slight afoul of the wagon.  I’ve been playing dangerously close to the edge, shall we say?

I blame Victorian Lace Today.  So many lovely lace designs, some even appropriate for novice lace knitters like myself.  I was mesmerized.  Not myself at all.  I simply *had* to start something.  Hence:


Four balls of kidsilk haze in shade 606 candy girl.  Doesn’t it make your teeth hurt, just to look at it? 

I have this in mind for it:


large rectangle with center diamond pattern

Or perhaps this:


scarf or shawl with a center pattern

But two possible patterns?  Four balls of lace-weight yarn?  Obviously, I needed more yarn.  Duh.


Sundara Yarn silk laceweight hand-dyed in eggplant over spice

At a generous 1000 yards, there’s plenty of this lovely laceweight for a large version of the second pattern: scarf or shawl with a center pattern.  I will err towards the shawl. 

And a close-up of the silky loveliness.


The colors are wonderful.   One runs out of superlatives.  Superlatively superlative.

Also, I finally caved in the face of a wicked deal and bought enough R2 fuzzi felt for this project from the second R2 book:



It seemed like a nice, easy-peasy project.  But the diamond lace as so far defeated me.  I can’t seem to get the pattern to come out right: not enough stitches remain when I follow the chart.  Why?  It is a mystery.  I wonder if I’m misinterpreting the yarn-overs or some such small point.  I mean, I think I can count to three … which is really all that is required.  I gave up, but will make another attempt.

I went for a slightly less understated color than the one modeled:


red.  schazam!

It’s a very pinky red.  But I like it.  I’m thinking it will perk up a gray winter day like nobody’s business.  And speaking of red, I can’t forget a certain couple of hanks of Lorna’s Laces red rover.


My Sockapalooza yarn.  I’m very nervous about starting … I’ve never really knit socks before and I want these to be really nice.  My Pal requested Jaywalkers or something similar (with ripples, basically); I’m just hoping it won’t be beyond my limited talents.  Having discovered the magic loop method, though, I am feeling much more confident with the small diameters.  Perhaps I’ll wind the yarn today … a good start.

At least it will distract me from my cold and my academic angst.