boring sock progress

Sozialismus socks

Yep, more boring sock progress to share.  This is a long-long Hunterwasser sock that spent many, many months in the bottom of knitting basket: half-finished, hibernating in a project bag.  No doubt feeling lost and maybe a little bored.  In any case, in need of some soothing stockinette I picked it up again.

It started life as some kind of ribbed sock — madder ribbed, I believe — but that didn’t fit quite right.  So before abandoning the poor thing to craft purgatory, I’d started over in my favorite basic pattern: the Gentleman’s Plain Winter Sock.  It’s not the most thrilling of patterns, but I like the deep ribbing at the top and find it helps the socks to stay up quite well.  I am thinking that some more adventurous patterns might be just the ticket eventually — my sock drawer could certainly use some reinforcements, after all …

In a fit of almost knitting in public, I’d decided to take the sock with me to a goofy Elizabeth Taylor double feature happening at the local cinema.  Yet somehow, I managed to get out the door with no knitting and no time to turn around.  So it was a knitting-free couple of hours in the theater.  All in all, kind of a strange experience on a Saturday afternoon: it felt like I’d taken a rather long nap with rather strange dreams when, 4 hours later, I wandered back out into the sunshine and heat.  Perhaps the knitting would have helped?

Sozialismus socks

However … last night, I decided to start something completely different.  I’m working on the first sleeve right now — and am cautiously optimistic about this particular bulky sweater.  We shall see.  And then we shall post some photos.

In the meantime, the stripe study has not been forgotten.  Merely tidied away.


And now, it’s time to get to work.  I’m finding, predictably, this dissertation process a little difficult to grapple with — so much to do, but where to start?  At the end, of course; at least, that’s where I’m starting.