socks and shawls

Thanks to a Friday night spent watching movies — The Mummy Returns, Harlem Nights, and Why Did I Get Married if you’re curious — this guy now almost has a mate.


toddler socks

I had to reknit the heel at least three times because of funky stitch counts, foggy memories of what I’d engineered the first time around, and margaritas.  But now I’m really, really good at the yarn-over short row.  (Quite a nice method, methinks.  I prefer the join it makes with the instep stitches — very smooth and invisible thanks to that extra yarn over just begging to be k2tog-ed or ssk-ed into oblivion.)

Anyway, as it turns out, toddler socks are quite a bit more knitting than baby socks.  Amazing how much more work 8 extra stitches and a quite a few extra inches adds.  I’m not complaining, just revising strategy: in the future older siblings will receive a book.

In other news, I’m trying to figure out some travel knitting.  I’ll be gone for a bit more than 5 weeks and am trying to pack as lightly as possible.  So lace seems like the right choice: I’ve already got plans to take along Ms. Beauregarde — currently stuck in an especially boring and repetitive section with about 358 gazillion rows to go — but what else?  Since this is a working trip, complex charts (or, boring charts) might not be the best choice for public transportation or tired evenings.

The current frontrunner is Veera’s Stripe Study because it is both awesome and relatively portable, meditative but hopefully not tediously mindless.  Here’s where I’m getting stuck: color choice.  At first, I thought of grey and yellow … it didn’t look quite right.  So I went for less contrast: yellow on yellow.

hmmm ...

What say you, internets?  Is this just going to make me look like I’m wrapped in a traffic cone?

I feel that there is potential for this to look either deeply awesome or deeply horrible.  The orange would be the contrast stripe on the ochre background, I think: would this be the good kind of obnoxious color overload that I love so much?

The more I look at it, the more I think it just might work.  It would certainly be eye catching …

Alice is not convinced.  Or maybe she is.

Alice agrees.


gloomy Tuesday


Well, better than a gloomy Sunday, I guess.  And it’s just the rain lending a gloom to this particular Tuesday — a very stormy, humid start to spring here in Nashville.  I’m feeling cheery anyway, since yesterday was my last day of teaching: goodbye intermeidate German!  Hello, dissertation.

Honestly, I’m freaking out a little bit about the prospect of a rather unstructured summer — I still don’t know where I’ll be when, which means I can’t really make any plans — and the amount of work that needs to be done.

Instead of panicking, I’m concentrating on the wedding shawl.



Or, the Inspector Clouseau Trousseau, as I’ve dubbed it.  It’s kinda pink after all.  And according to one especially crushing internet application, one of my celebrity lookalikes is Peter Sellers.  In addition to Elvis Costello, Steven Soderbergh, Larry King, and Yves Saint Laurent.  Without the glasses, it’s Mikhail Baryshnikov.  A superfecta I was sure never to guess.

So I’ve got that goin’ for me, which is nice.



But to get to the knitting.

So far, so good.  The silky merino is knitting up like a silky dream and it looks like the variegated colors will add a bit of interest without overwhelming the lace pattern.  As for the pattern, it promises maximum effect with minimum effort: straightforward and easy to follow, just repetitive enough to memorize easily and just varied enough to keep it interesting.

“Yes, well, life is not all shoot-shoot, bang-bang, you know.”


Time to get to work.  Kurosawa!

i finally bought some coffee.

That’s the good news.  It had been a very sad coffee-less existence around here … all because I was
alternately too busy or too lazy or too reluctant to sit in traffic to get to the grocery store.  So dining hall coffee it was.

Dining hall coffee is not happy coffee.

Rainbow baby sweaters, however, are very happy.

stripes are nice

Very happy, indeed.  I finished up the sleeves last weekend, and now it’s just waiting for blocking and buttons.  The rainbow Boku is so cheery — I just hope the weather doesn’t turn too warm too quickly for this to get at least a little bit of use.

So I should probably get on those buttons.

stripes are nice

stripes are nice

My other project at the moment is a wedding shawl.  I love knitting wedding shawls — and this one looks like it will be no exception.  For a while, I was thinking of going the Rock Island route, but then after some further consideration, I decided that Trousseau was just too perfect to pass up.  I mean, trousseau?  Perfect.

And this Sundara silky merino (in orchid) is beyond magical.  So soft and silky.  And I think the color — pinky lavender purple — will be a nice contrast to the bride’s blue shoes.  Practical lady that she is, the color is also just neutral enough to work with a lot of different wardrobe staples … at least, that’s my hope.

silky magic

silky magic

Finally, we’re obviously a wool-loving household around here.  It still tickles me that Alice loves her kitty Kureyon blanket.  Obviously the perfect spot for a morning bath.


And now, time to get back to work.  The semester is almost over and I think I might just make it.  There’s a lot to be done this summer …


Yesterday was one of those days.  Grey, rainy, and cold — I didn’t want to leave the house, let alone venture out to a coffee shop where I’d have a fighting chance of getting some work done.  So yesterday was devoted to internet television and baby knits.  It did kinda feel like giving up, though.


I finished up the body and cast on for the sleeve.  As you might have noticed, I knit this in the round instead of “on two needles” as suggested by the pattern.  It just seemed like simpler way to go, especially since I wanted to avoid all that seaming up and matching stripes.  So far, the yarn has been cooperative, stipes have marched along in their appointed order … with only one more sleeve to go, I’m hoping the luck holds.

[ETA: oops!  I never did mention what pattern I’m knitting (it was obvious enough to me after all): EZ’s superlative February baby sweater.  Since the stripes were providing quite enough interest, I went with plain stockinette over the gull pattern.  Modified to knit in the round — instead of flat, which is more interesting from a construction point of view, but also requires more finishing — with only 6 buttons (chubby tummies should be available for tickling at all times), it really flies off the needles.]

In other news, I’ve got a wedding shawl to plan.


Right now, Rock Island is the frontrunner.  At first, I was ready to make the plunge and almost bought some lovely madelinetosh to try out, but then … the cat fountain broke and Alice has been a Somewhat Unhappy Kitty, so … that’s where the yarn budget is going this month.  Luckily, the stash is expansive and varied.

This purple laceweight looks like it might just get the job done.  Cat foundtain included.


And now, back to work.  The sun is out and it’s time to get busy.