more knitting!

I caught a moment of sunshine this morning and got busy with the documentation.  Or evidence, if you will, of my very crafty Saturday.

Nothing but knitting, the whole darn day.  It was just what I needed.

twenty eleven

twenty eleven

Twenty eleven is finished, blocked, and awaiting buttons.

I love how very sheepy this yarn is: I swear, it sheds more than Alice … I keep finding bits all over the house or in my books, on my clothes … everywhere.

As you can see, I added some rather dramatic waist shaping.  I wanted it to cinch at the waist, and cinch it does.  Let’s just hope it’s not too much, since I did also want it to close without extensive corsetry or girdles … I did try it on about a million times while knitting, just to make sure, but still … one never knows.  And I eat a lot of pizza.

blue buttons!

It’s that “awaiting buttons” part that are going to be a challenge.  I was set on bright blue or turquoise buttons and, indeed, that was what I found.

14 of them; 14 buttons that were suprisingly expensive when bought in quantities exceeding two or three.  But I was impatient to find buttons and didn’t want to wait … so, very precious buttons it is.  I plan on spending the afternoon stitching … and stitching …

Not that the cardigan is going anywhere.

i got this

Alice has got this.

And I’m already daydreaming about new projects …

starting over, again

two of my favorite things

two of my favorite things

Happy Sunday!  I’m dreading the return to the real world tomorrow, but at least I got some sleep.  And have a pretty new cardigan to wear.


6 thoughts on “more knitting!

  1. Hurray for a pretty new cardigan! I’m hoping to spend a lot of today knitting myself. Yesterday was a huge errands day and all last week was pretty crazy so I am READY to spend time knitting.

  2. glad to see that alice has things under control. i agree — love those buttons, can’t wait to see this. so great to have a new cardigan to wear after finishing up those exams. hurray!

  3. Days spent knitting are pretty awesome. I’m really going to need to do that one day soon. Can’t wait to see the finished sweater complete with buttons.

    Have fun with your new projects!

  4. Sheepy is always good! Also, great colour for the buttons. Nothing better than a whole day spent knitting – you earned it! Have a good week.

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