action shot!

I feel behind on life right now.  Certainly on blogging and commenting and responding … after I finished up all the writing for the exam (done! passed! oral on Monday!), my brain just gave up the ghost.  If it didn’t involve trashy televsion or a detective story, I really wasn’t interested.  Books?  Pshah.  Thinking?  No, thank you.  Fair isle?  Nope.

So in lieu of any real content, I give you some knits in the wild.  Inspired by the Rooster’s woolly fashion show, I decided to get on the photography.

twenty eleven in the wild

(New bookshelf in the living room: hello, prized collection of used detective fiction!  The bedroom got reorganized and this oldy but goody from an unknown housemate past had to find a new home.)

Twenty eleven!  I love, love, LOVE this cardigan.  It’s super sheepy and warm, but still not too warm to be worn indoors without suffocating.  The collar is super fun, the buttons are bright just like I wanted, and the fit is very, um, fitted.  Perfect.  The pattern itself was easy to follow, easy to knit … highly recommended.  Especially with some waist shaping if that’s your thing.  (I’m attempting to embrace my tendency toward the pear shaped.)

It took about 8.5 skeins of Ísex Létt-Lopi (color 0005) on size US7/4.5mm needles, size xs/s for about an inch of negative ease.  I’ve already worn this a lot … and will be wearing it for as long as the cold weather lasts.

Also: finally, Idlewood gets a day out!

idlewood in the wild

I wasn’t sure how to wear this sweater, to be honest.  It seems to hit me at a slightly awkward place: I’d always question my choice of pants/ skirt/ whatever and end up changing before leaving the house.  Also, that cowl is very, very warm.  The recent cold snap and some sweater tights helped, as did my determination to wear this at least once before summer arrived.  In practice, it’s a very cozy layer.  Though I’m still not sure about the length.

(Here it is with jeans …

idlewood in action

… which did not make it out of the living room.  Odd.  I like the sweater in theory, yet somehow when I put it on it feels awkward.)

In other knitting news, I’ve got nothing.  A new cardigan project went spectacularly awry … more on that later …

8 thoughts on “action shot!

  1. Love the 2011! It is super flattering on you. And also, you rock! Congrats on passing all your written exams. Furthermore, we are boot twins!

  2. i’m with mick — you rock. that twenty-eleven is amazing. and i think idlewood looks great — though i hear you on having combinations that just don’t make it out the door. maybe with darker jeans/pants? i really like it paired with the skirt, tights, boots. also, i must say it again. you rock.

  3. Congrats on being done and dusted with the exam! My finals are in June and are already absolutely dominating my life and my brain’s already turned to mush.
    I absolutely LOVE your twenty eleven. It looks perfect on you and I WANT ONE! Great idea on the waist shaping. I love the Idlewood too and think it looks great in both of those outfits, especially the skirt/boots pairing.
    Your apartment looks so cosy. If it were mine I would never make it out the front door…

  4. Congrats on finishing your exams! Being lazy is pretty awesome after something like that.

    Twenty Eleven looks great on you and definitely cosy while still fashionable.

  5. Hurray, congrats on being done with exams! I really like Idlewood both with the skirt and the jeans, actually. It’s possibly a hipster look though. Not sure. Really enjoy the action shots! (And I hear you on being behind on blogging/reading/commenting. I keep pushing bedtime back so I can clear out Google Reader myself.)

  6. I LOVE both of them! 2011 is supercool with the blue buttons and big collar, and I think you’re being way to hard on yourself about Idlewild. It is SO cute and it look s great, both ways you’ve styled it. I have that one working it’s way to the top of my queue. You’re inspiring me to get started on it!

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